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Standard quadstick alone

Standard quadstick alone

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Video game control by mouth

The Quadstick converts breath and suction signals into traditional controller buttons which allows it to control PCs & Home Consoles. It can also convert signals into joystick, keyboard mouse for PC.


- PS3, PS4, SWITCH, PC, XBOX (with an additional adapter ).


- Up to 32 programming positions.
- 24 to 32 combinations of breaths/aspirations possible.
- Two blowing/suction pressures possible, light and strong.
- Auditory and visual feedback for validation of the order.
- Possibility of connecting up to 2 contactors.
- Possibility of connecting arcade joystick type accessories.
- Adjustment of the position of the control parts.
- Two mouthpiece sizes, normal and wide.
- Must be fixed on a rigid support.

Hitclic imports and configures your Quadstick for you.

The price includes the material, customs and import fees from the USA, configuration and remote installation assistance, delivery to mainland France.

A delay of 6 to 8 weeks is generally necessary after ordering, due to availability from the supplier and customs processing times.

However, you can order yourself from the supplier's website in the USA, although you will have customs fees to pay.

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