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The Flex Controller + USB analog joystick pack

The Flex Controller + USB analog joystick pack

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Order your Hori Flex Controller for Nintendo Switch with a USB joystick Hitclic

This configuration, allowing you to very easily play legendary games like Mario Kart, will be recognized as an additional controller on your Switch, and will still allow 4-player games.

Flex Controller was born for gamers with special needs.
It was developed by HORI with players with disabilities and occupational therapists.

Instead of using standard game controllers, Flex Controller lets you play video games with external switches and attached joysticks.

You can also use the game buttons on the front, just like on an arcade stick.

The UltraStik 360 is the most advanced arcade joystick ever made.
It is based around a true analog “motor” using advanced sensing technology that uses no contacts or switches.
Connects directly via USB.

Plug and play USB interface

dimensions of the case: 130 x 108 x 73 mm

Possibility of making an ergonomic handle to your measurements. Consult us!
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