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PS5 HitClic Controller

PS5 HitClic Controller

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While waiting for the “Access” adapted controller offered by Sony, Hitclic offers you a homemade PS5 adaptive controller :)

The system is entirely based on an official PS5 controller and is therefore 100% compatible with your PS5 console and any games you have installed.

You have 2 4-contact jack sockets compatible with the jack format analog joysticks available in our catalog, in order to deport the 2 right and left joysticks.

You will also find up to 8 jack sockets allowing you to connect any simple contactor , both Logitech and Hitclic contactors. These contactors allow you to relocate the 4 game keys (cross / circle / square / triangle) as well as the 4 triggers (L1 / R1 / L2 / R2)

Your HitClic Controller obviously works wirelessly, the charging socket on the controller being available normally.

Allow approximately 3 weeks for delivery.

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