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Flex Controller for Nintendo Switch

Flex Controller for Nintendo Switch

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Flex Controller was born for gamers with special needs.
It was developed by HORI with players with disabilities and occupational therapists.

Play with external switches and joysticks.

Instead of using standard game controllers, Flex Controller lets you play video games with external switches and attached joysticks. Check the list of compatible joysticks as below.

Compatible joysticks

Manufactured by Pretorian Technologies

Made by HORI

  • HORIPAD for Nintendo Switch

  • Real Arcade Pro V Hayabusa for Nintendo Switch

  • Battle Pad for Nintendo Switch

  • Nintendo Switch HORIPAD Mini

Manufactured by HITCLIC

  • HITCLIC USB analog joysticks
  • HITCLIC USB Arcade Joysticks


  • The L-Stick button and R-Stick button on the controller connected to the Flex controller do not work. Only external switches connected via 3.5mm jack work as an alternative to all buttons.

  • In case an (external) joystick controller with some buttons is connected via the USB port for L-stick and/or R-stick to Flex Controller, only the L-stick and/or R-stick work, and the Controller buttons do not work.

Handmade joysticks

Handmade joysticks with the following components can be used as L-Stick or R-Stick for Flex Controller. Flex controller needs to be updated to V1.26.08 or later. Click here for more details and download the updater.

  • Arduino Leonard

  • Arduino nano

  • UltraStick 360 (at Ultimarc or Hitclic)

As Flex Controller can be used with Nintendo Switch (only in TV mode) or Windows 10, you can enjoy different types of video games.

Flex Controller has a 1/4 inch screw hole at the bottom to secure it with a camera mounting system, so it can be placed in a comfortable position.

Flex Controller Settings app

The Flex Controller Settings app allows you to configure and assign different roles and settings to external switches and joysticks.
Six different settings for each of Nintendo Switch and Windows can be saved as "Profile" in flex Controller.

Click here for more details and download.


  • The Flex Controller Settings app runs only on a Windows PC.

Flex Controller Extension Application (FCEA)

FCEA provides eye monitoring with the tobii eye tracker.

Click here for more details and download.


  • A Windows PC, tobii eye tracker, video capture device and capture software are required.

Product data

Size: W250mm × D125mm × H65mm
Weight: 510g
Interface: USB
Gaming Platform: Nintendo Switch/PC (Windows 10/8.1, XInput)
System requirements: USB port, connection


  • Flex Controller cannot be used with DirectInput.

  • Internet connection is required to install or update XInput driver software on PC.


For Nintendo Switch

For your own safety, please read this manual carefully before using this device.

  • Make sure your Nintendo Switch is updated to the latest console firmware.

  • Flex Controller cannot be used with Nintendo Switch Handheld Mode and Tabletop Mode, but only in Nintendo Switch TV Mode.

  • The flex Controller's home button cannot wake Nintendo Switch from sleep mode.

  • Flex Controller does not support the following functions installed in Joy-Con(L)/(R).
    Gyroscope / IR Motion Camera / Accelerometer / LED Player / HD Rumble / LED HOME Button / NFC

For Windows PC

  • For your own safety, please read this manual carefully before using this device.

  • To use this device on Windows® 8.1 platform, you need driver software.
    Go to the installation page from here and follow the instructions to install it.
    *Skip installation if you are using this device on Windows® 10 platform.


Download here .

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