Xbox Adaptive Controller : comment l'utiliser

Xbox Adaptive Controller: how to use it

The Xbox adaptive controller, released in 2018 by Microsoft, allows you to control an Xbox (Xbox One or Series S and X models) or a PC by connecting external switches and joysticks.

Xbox Adaptive Controller

All the functions of a standard Xbox controller (ABXY game buttons, LB RB LT RT triggers, left stick and right stick, etc.) must be transferred to switches and joysticks (jack or USB sockets)

Only the A, B buttons and the directional cross are present on the controller.

Compatible devices:

All HitClic switches and joysticks are designed to work on the Xbox Adaptive Controller. Contact us if in doubt.



Logitech's Adaptive Gaming kit offers you a series of 12 switches including analog triggers for LT and RT.

Logitech G Adaptive Gaming Kit for the Xbox Adaptive Controller

logitech kit


Some mistakes to avoid

Be careful what you plug into the different jack sockets, they do not all have the same properties:

The LT and RT inputs accommodate Logitech analog triggers . These are the only inputs you can plug them into.

Inputs X1 and X2 corresponds to the left stick and the right stick. You can only connect analog joysticks with a jack socket to these inputs.

connections to Xbox controller



Logitech Extreme 3D Pro

The Logitech Extreme 3D Pro joystick is announced as compatible with the XAC but be careful the keys that work are limited and different depending on whether you plug it into the left or right USB input.


Solutions for using the Xbox Adaptive Controller on other consoles:

Xbox Adaptive Controller on Playstation PS4 or Nintendo Switch : Use the Brook Converter XE2

Brook Wingman XE2 - Xbox/PS to PS/Switch/PC (


Xbox Adaptive Controller on Playstation PS5 : It's official, Sony has blocked the use of Cronus Zen on PS5. This system is in fact identified as a means of cheating due to its programming possibilities.

We recommend a configuration Remote Play (very good software: CHIAKI ) + Playability to connect your Quadstick and add additional controls. You will not need to purchase the Cronus Zen.

Follow our Remote Play installation guide:

Remote Play on PS5: our guide – HitClic

playAbility - Play all games, regardless of your disability


Cronus ZEN Adapter |



To purchase the Xbox Adaptive Controller:

Xbox Adaptive Controller | Xbox

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