Remote Play sur PS5 : notre guide

Remote Play on PS5: our guide

Since the tightening of Sony's policy on the use of unofficial peripherals or converters (custom controllers, Cronus, Brook Converter etc.) it has become very difficult to use adapted devices such as the Xbox Adaptive Controller or the Quadstick to access the PS5 games.

The most effective method to date is Remote Play: it involves taking control of your PS5 console remotely, by connecting a PC and the console on the same network (wifi or wired). It is then possible to use any controller connected to the PC. We recommend the free and Open Source Chiaki solution.

You can of course try the official Remote Play application: PS Remote Play | Download the PS Remote Play app and stream your PS5 and PS4 games to your device | PlayStation (France)

but this solution requires certain installations for example to use the Quadstick, as explained here: PS Remote Play via X360CE (

in fact Sony has made it impossible for all software that “emulates” a controller on their Remote Play.

We recommend another very flexible solution that can be used on a large number of systems: CHIAKI , Open Source, which works on Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, Android, macOS, Windows, Nintendo Switch....

Don't panic, we'll guide you through the installation:

1/ Connect your PS5 to a good quality network , as well as your PC.

2/ Install the Chiaki software here:

~thestr4ng3r/chiaki - Free and Open Source PlayStation Remote Play Client - sourcehut git (

Choose the latest "stable" version corresponding to the system on which you wish to install it.

On Windows: unzip the .ZIP file and launch the chiaki.exe program

You will now need an encoded “PSN account ID”.

3/ Find your ID online :

This is your “online ID” that you will find on your Sony PSN account.

4/ Go to this site to encode your ID online :

PSN Account ID by FlipScreen Games

5/ Authorize remote play on your PS5

Menu Settings / System / Remote play

You must “ activate remote reading ” then retrieve an 8-digit PIN code by going to “ Pair device

6/ Start the Chiaki application and identify your console

Then you will need to enter your PSN Account ID (base64), given by the flipscreen site, as well as the 8-digit code given in the previous step.

And There you go !

you should now see the screen of your PS5 appear and you can play with your adapted controller, Xbox controller, Quadstick, etc.

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