Quadstick : Programmer et utiliser plusieurs configurations

Quadstick: Program and use multiple configurations

PART 1: How to Create a New Configuration File

PART 2: Select a configuration to play

PART 1: How to create a new configuration file and save it to the Quadstick.

You need a PC with Windows, and a Google account to access Google Docs

1. Download the QMP software from quadstick.com then install it on a Windows PC.

Downloads — QuadStick

2. connect the quadstick on a PC USB port

3. In QMP select the “game files” tab

NEVER TOUCH default.csv which must remain the first file (in the event of an error it will always work)

4. double click on one of the files already present (e.g. default.csv)

it opens opens in Google Docs

5. Choose file > create a copy > give a name

For example, call the new file “myfile.csv”

6. You need to install the Quadstick extension in Google Docs:

Choose Extensions / complete modules. / download complete module.

> search for “ quadstick ” then install the extension.

7. in line 2 "profile name" = put a name starting with a number to be able to classify your files (for example "2monfile.csv")

8. in line 3 you must choose the system = playstation outputs (to play on PC choose Xbox Outputs)

9. Download the new configuration to the PC :

Choose Extensions / Quadstick / Download to Quadstick

10: Double click on the downloaded file : it will be loaded into the Quadstick software

11: Directly in Quadstick, simply drag and drop from right to left so that the file is sent to the Quadstick memory. (he makes a little noise which is a good sign)

And here your new personal file is ready to play, to do this you must select the right file using the white pipette (suck for 3 seconds)

PART 2: select a configuration on Quadstick

Your Quadstick comes with several configuration files in its memory. Each file can contain several configurations, for several games. (for example for FPS, for car games, or for FIFA, with programming adapted to the constraints of each game)

Examples of files that may be present in your Quadstick:

In each file we find several configurations, each for a use (PS4, Mouse...) as in this example:

Each configuration corresponds to an LED on the Quadstick:

How to change file:

- suck for more than 3 seconds in the white straw on the right (a “BOING” sounds and the LEDs must flash in position 1, i.e. file 1)

- select with the joystick (to the right or left)

- confirm with large lip switch under the joystick

the LEDs become fixed in position 1, i.e. configuration 1 in the chosen file.

How to change configuration in the file:

- blow or suck a sharp blow into the white straw on the right

the LEDS move to the chosen configuration number.

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