Quadstick : la compatibilité sur les différentes consoles

Quadstick: compatibility on different consoles

The Quadstick can be used both on PC (in controller or mouse mode) and on PS4. But it is possible to use adapters to play on all consoles.

Here you will find the different compatible techniques.


In the QMP configuration file: "Playstation Outputs"

Basic solution:

On the QMP application "Select Boot in PS4 Mode"

connect a PS4 controller to the rear USB input of the Quadstick

plug the quadstick into the USB input of the PS4

Solution with Cronus Max:

Turn on the PS4

Plug the Cronus Max into the USB input of the PS4

Either connect the Quadstick directly to the Cronus Max ("Partial crowwover" with disconnections every 7 minutes)

Either use a USB hub to connect both the Quadstick and a PS4 controller ("Full crossover" without interruptions)

Possibility of connecting a tupe Ultrastick analog joystick to the USB input of the Quadstick.


In the QMP configuration file: "Xbox Outputs"

Warning: Xbox has blocked the use of Brook Converter.

With the Cronus Zen and an Xbox controller

Connect the Quadstick to the input at the bottom left of the converter

Connect an official Xbox controller to the input on the left of the converter

plug the Cronus converter into the Xbox USB input

 Buy Cronus Zen : Adaptateur Cronus ZEN | Stealth-Gamer.com



With Cronus Max and an Xbox controller

Remove batteries from Xbox controller

Turn on the console

Plug the Cronus Max into the console's USB input

plug the Xbos controller into the Cronus Max (without turning it on)

unplug the controller

connect the Quadstick to the cronus Max input

Possibility of connecting an Ultrastick type analog joystick to the USB input of the Quadstick.

Using Xbox Adaptive Controller

You can use the Quadstick plugged into the USB input of the Xbox adaptive controller.
in this case the quadstick will be able to control 8 buttons maximum
On this page you will find configuration examples:
Xbox Adaptive Controller (quadstick.s3.amazonaws.com)
Warning: the quadstick requires providing the XAC with a dedicated power source (USB power is not sufficient)
Order here:
Bloc d’alimentation PDP pour manette Xbox Adaptive (microsoft.com)


In the QMP configuration file: "Xbox Outputs"

ATTENTION : on PC do not use the PS4 config but rather the XBOX config

example of Fortnite configuration file on PC by RockyNoHands:

RockyNoHands Fortnite XBox 360 for PC - Google Sheets


It's official, Sony has blocked the use of Cronus Zen on PS5. This system is in fact identified as a means of cheating due to its programming possibilities.

The official site announces the possibility of using it via Remote Play.

PS Remote Play | Download the PS Remote Play app and stream your PS5 and PS4 games to your device | PlayStation (France)

We recommend a configuration instead Remote Play (very good software: CHIAKI ) + Playability to connect your Quadstick and add additional controls. You will not need to purchase the Cronus Zen.

Follow our Remote Play installation guide:

Remote Play on PS5: our guide – HitClic






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