La manette Playstation 5 Sony Access : Nos tests.

The Sony Access Playstation 5 controller: Our tests.

First technical tests on the Sony Access controller for Playstation 5.

First of all, it is a real controller, complete and playable without any other accessories. This is a very different choice from competitors like the Xbox Adaptive Controller which requires connecting several peripherals to be able to play.

This choice of course has its faults and its advantages. For those who can use the joystick and the buttons offered on the controller, they will have an accessible, portable, space-saving solution. For those who need suitable ergonomic solutions (for example to play with their mouth) they will have to make do with the 4 additional jack sockets to connect the additional peripherals they need.

sony access

You have several elements on the Access controller:

- 8 buttons arranged in a circle, fully configurable: you can assign a function to each button, choose the shape of the button, and clip an identifier to it to know what it is used for.

- 1 central button also configurable

- 1 side joystick offering a large number of settings: you can choose the shape of the joystick, its spacing with the rest of the controller, and its position around the circle.

- 4 external jack sockets allowing you to connect 4 different accessories. These accessories can be switches from any brand, analog triggers from the Logitech Adaptive Gaming Kit (a version of this kit intended for the PS5 is available), or even an analog joystick with a jack socket such as those offered by HitClic, which makes it easy to obtain the "right stick" function since only 1 joystick is available on the controller, for the "left stick" function.

sony access

When connecting your Access controller to the PS5 console you will be guided through a very complete settings menu in order to configure your entire configuration, and save it in one of the 3 profiles.

During our tests we assigned all the buttons to a function of the controller, and we connected 4 external accessories, 2 switches on E1 and E3, 1 Logitech analog trigger on E2 (R2 accelerator function) and 1 Hitclic analog joystick a jack socket on E4 (right stick function)

sony access settings

We were then able to play Rocket League using the 2 joysticks, the progressive accelerator and all the controls necessary for this game.

Access controller test

Please contact us if you have any questions about using the Access controller and customization options.

In particular, we can produce the additional joystick adapted to your needs.

Hitclic joysticks


Pair an Access Controller with another controller:

For those who need to use a 2nd controller at the same time as the Sony Access, or use 2 Sony Access at the same time (to relocate certain buttons or have a 2nd manual joystick) simply activate the " Auxiliary Controller " mode. in the PS5 accessibility options.

Discover the test of the Sony Access controller by Théo, quadriplegic gamer,

his conclusions below:

Théo is quadriplegic and a PS5 gamer. He tested the Sony Access controller, here is his feedback:

Game: Jedi Survivor on PS5

Config: 1 Sony Access controller + 1 secondary Hitclic joystick + 3 Logitech contactors

The positive points :

- Button responsiveness

- The maneuverability of the controller joystick

- The clickable joystick that can be assigned to any function

- the total mapping of the buttons

- the possibility of orienting the joystick as desired

- the function allowing you to keep a button clicked when you release it

the negative points :

- the position of the round buttons is not optimal for comfort

- You have to program 2 different profiles and switch from one to the other during the game due to the insufficient total number of buttons (note: it is possible to pair 2 Access controllers in order to double the possibilities)

- the accessibility of the "profile" button is not ideal for quick in-game switching.

Théo's conclusion: Of course he would use this controller instead of a standard Dualsense because of his motor skills. The Access controller brings many more possibilities for him than the Dualsense. However, the ergonomics and the number of possible buttons are not completely adapted to his needs and the games he plays.


The official link to order the Access PS5 controller:

Access controller | A customizable and adaptive controller kit for PS5 | PlayStation (France)


The complete test by Antony "SansLesMains", a quadriplegic gamer specializing in FPS games


First impressions then the complete test of the Access PS5 Controller by Gyzmo - YouTube :

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